Handle Change Management Like a Pro: 7 Insider Tips


If your company is going through a digital transformation, consulting your team about your overall approach is always the first and most important step. Whether youre implementing Salesforce or setting up a system of a similar magnitude, its all too easy to get overwhelmed and miss out on crucial stages along the way. So, instead of trying to get everything done as quickly as possible, make focused change management a priority. After all, its not just about the system its also about the people who are using it! Here are 7 insider tips to help you get your ducks (or employees, rather!) in a row.

1. Effective leadership is key. Along with nominating a responsible and experienced employee to lead your pack, its wise to create a team of senior company representatives who will openly communicate about the change management strategy and its execution.

2. Wisdom comes with experience. Get some feedback from past project managers or employees who have gone through a similar system migration. What went well? What didnt? Discover what traps stalled progress and steer clear of those mistakes this time around!

3. Transparent and regular communication goes a long way. Although what, with whom, and how you communicate depends entirely on the nature of your digital transformation, consulting key players on your time schedule, goals, and expectations is essential. These points should always be relayed to end users, who should be kept in the loop about all information and decisions that will affect their work.

4. Enable and engage end users. We cant emphasise it enough: a successful system implementation is as much about people as it is about technology. Make sure that everyone whos impacted by the change is not only up-to-date, but is also given a chance to voice their opinions, suggestions, and questions. Why not organise regular meetings with all affected employees?

5. Train up the team. Theres no point in upgrading your system if no one knows how to use it! In addition to ensuring a flawless CRM integration, youll need to arrange regular and thorough training sessions for all users, both before and after the system migration. Providing how-to guides and other introductory resources well in advance is also an invaluable strategy. (You may even consider hiring a team of experts to help you navigate your digital transformation. Consulting them is a great idea!)

6. Relay both the good and the bad. As anyone whos gone through a system implementation knows, its rarely all roses. Unexpected problems are going to pop up, and while its all too tempting to play down or not even mention these issues, honestly disclosing both positive and negative updates to employees is a must. This not only helps manage their expectations, but also ensures that you dont have to drop the ball on issues that impact them (and may cause anxiety!) at the last minute.

7. Dont disappear post-implementation. When the new system is in place, you may want to return to your usual activities after all, youve done your job, right? Well, not quite. Be there for your employees not just before and during, but also after the implementation, allowing them to ask questions, give feedback, or even address problems. Theres nothing worse than leaving them in the dark right after a big change, so be prepared to provide the support that they need.

Change management is certainly not easy, but its a vital process for ensuring a smooth and effective digital transformation. Consulting these 7 top tips for a successful transition is a good first step!


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