Choosing a Proper Visual Management Tool


In the ever changing and increasingly digital world of business that we live in, having a proper visual management tool for your company is of growing importance. All of the top companies, whether they are tech companies, accounting firms, or retailers, have some sort of visual tools to help them manage their everyday activities. All of these tools should have the following characteristics in order to be successful.

1. The Ability to Brainstorm

All great platforms will allow your employees to brainstorm and throw ideas up on the big board without having to start the planning process right away. In order to do this properly, they should be able to have a digital holding center for all of these ideas where all of the team members can access it, no matter where they might be. This brings us to our next requirement.

2. The Ability to Work With Remote Team Members

There are many reasons why team members cannot be all in the same location at once. Maybe different team members are on other teams as well and time slots do not match up. Maybe there are field teams and corporate teams in your company. No matter what the reason is, these visual tools should be able to be used by all team members no matter where they are in the world. This means there has to be a web-based interface and the ability to host several users at once.

3. An Easy-To-Use Interface

All of these tools need to be usable by all members of the team. Unlike some programs, where only certain team members can use them, such as accounting or finance software, this program has to be accessible. This means that all members can be easily trained on how to use it. Usability is one of the key features of a visual tool like this, and without it the tool is essentially useless. In order to determine the ease-of-use and accessibility of these management tools, you should do a trial run and have several different team members test out the software. If it is easy to use, your employees will let you know!

4. Customizability and Pleasing Aesthetics

The final and most important aspect that your management tool must have is that it must be customizable to your different management and project team needs. There should be a variety of different visualizations for progress, including calendars, charts, and workflow boards. There also needs to be the ability for creating colorful and easy-to-follow workflows in order to engage upper management and members outside of the team that may not be as familiar with several of the aspects of the project.

A proper visual management tool encompasses all of the aspects touched on above. It needs to be easy to use for all team members and it has to be customizable to the needs of the team.


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